Why select BCM as your partner in online advertising?

BCM started during the 2008 recession with the simple desire to be an advisor to the catalog industry as those companies navigated the services of the online advertising space. I saw how many times clients that I serviced in the past were overpaying for the hottest tool or service simply because they didn’t know better and the vendors were very unfamiliar with the margins and challenges of the catalog company in order to sell them the right solution for their needs. Within 3 months of opening our doors it was clear that the greatest impact we could make on our clients’ businesses was to help them with driving qualified traffic to their site at a return they needed.  At that time the solution was paid text ads. Now, we have myriad of choices, again presented with the challenge of what solution is best for a direct response e-commerce business.


From the start our focus was on increasing revenue for our clients year over year at their desired ROI. We have always been numbers driven and stewards of their investment funds, managing them as if it was our own bank account. At the same time, we look strategically at your business to find testing opportunities to build their brands. We are part of our client’s businesses beyond just reporting and executing of campaigns. We aid with annual strategic plans, we help solve over site tracking issues and we provide reporting that they can use to help communicate the success of their sites’s performance more easily throughout their home office. 


Growth is easy for a vendor in the digital agency space - bring on clients and then find folks with little to no experience manage the account. Growth where you curate your team and your client base so that all clients and team members benefit is a true challenge. Luck or not, we have started our 13th year in business with an impressive service team and clients who are completely engaged, growing and profiting.

Why select BCM as your partner in online advertising? Easy - we know your business and we will become your trusted advisor.