Paid Search

Where Technical Expertise Meets Creativity

The challenge in paid search advertising is getting the right customers to see and click on your ads.  When you type a question or an item into a search engine, paid search advertising immediately goes to work. We work behind the scenes to pick relevant keywords that will deliver targeted advertisements to people most likely to make a purchase. We set individual bids on all our keywords using robust models that compete effectively on the search engine results page. When someone enters a query into Google, Bing, or Yahoo, we are able to delivery relevant ads, leading to a high click through and conversion rates, and ultimately an increase in online revenue.


For each client, we develop a specific framework of campaigns within Google, Bing, and Yahoo. We develop tightly themed campaigns that are researched and reviewed regularly. The work never stops. Campaigns are always changing and growing through keyword additions, ad group development, copy expansion, and more. We are constantly testing new ideas and managing existing campaigns, ad groups, and keyword lists.


With our experienced analytics and PPC management team, a variety of targeting methods, and dynamic offerings, we work hard to obtain great results. We strive to show the exact ad a customer is looking for, which is why our methodologies drive e-commerce and online revenue. We are on top of new trends and constantly searching for ways to improve campaigns and surpass clients' expectations. Let us build or expand your Search Marketing portfolio today.