Social Commerce


Bright Cloud’s social team is a specialized group of social marketers striving to take clients social commerce efforts to new heights that they aren’t able to achieve internally. According to a study done by Shareaholics, 31.24% of all referral traffic comes from social media advertising efforts. Just a year before, social media was driving 22.71% of referral traffic. This makes social media the #1 driver of all website referral traffic.  In fact, there are over 2 million businesses actively using Facebook ads*. 

The reason for the change is not only due to consumer’s comfortableness with clicking through on ads on social sites, but also the increased relevancy of these ads. As members of Facebook, most of us have willingly given this social giant detailed job, education, interests and of course location information. Combined with third party data sources of our buying behavior, advertisers can have a field day matching audiences with specific product offerings.

Some examples of successes:

  • Our client wanted to reach prospects who would be interested in their breast cancer awareness product. Using Facebook selections, we were able to intensify and specifically target Facebook users with interests in cancer awareness pages and groups with a product targeted ad. Not only did we help to generate sales at a % ad spend similar to nonbrand search campaigns, but over 90% of the traffic had not been to their site before.

  • We took a client’s desire to use dynamic product ads a step further by creating feed categories to support upselling and cross-selling ads.  With BCM’s experts in product feed management, we could easily and effectively support this Facebook advertising opportunity which resulted in increases in average order sizes and re-order rates of past buyers.

  • Don’t think that just because someone has not visited your site within the past 90, 120 or even 180 days they are not a legitimate audience to reach on Facebook. What we’ve found is that with the right product offer the 90-180 day site visitors can perform at the same % ad spend as the most recent buyer segment.

  • Keeping customers engaged with the right ad is key to successful Facebook marketing – not only because this results in higher click and conversion rates but because Facebook rewards you with a higher ad relevancy score (similar to Google’s Quality Score). This allows your ad to be shown when you want it to be shown to your target audience. BCM’s attention detail and knowledge in the ever-changing Facebook advertising platform is critical to your success. When our client came to us looking to promote their holiday catalog on Facebook, we knew just how to keep things fresh for them. We were able to segment our target audience by age, gender and device type down to iOS and Android to maximize our budget and conversion opportunity throughout the entire holiday season.

So it’s not hard to see why social can and does work if done…RIGHT


How do we think “right” is defined?

  • Keeping completely cognizant every day, every week of your goals regarding social. These may be hitting a stated % ad spend, exposing your offer in order to test a new market segment or driving traffic to your site in order to later remarket to them.

  • Staying on top of the trends. Constantly testing new ad formats, new audiences and new social media outlets where we think your offer fits.

  • Bringing our retail advertising expertise into play as we build and execute your social ad campaigns.

  • Throw out the idea of a ticket time and take advantage of short term opportunities. We work with national brands, in every time zone. We have a very fluid reaction time. We understand that there are a lot of short-lived opportunities for businesses to get their ads – and we make it happen.

Finally, being there when you need us. We are boutique agency, which means that you have direct access to the experts because everyone you work with at Bright Cloud is one.

Reach out to your consultant at Bright Cloud to discuss how our social commerce service can complement your current online advertising efforts.

*Source: Facebook