Have you ever wondered what the product images that appear on the Google results page are? Those images are ads delivered from Shopping Campaigns, and they happen to be one of the most successful advertising solutions for most retailers. In the past year, our clients have increased their spend for these campaigns 15-35% as a result of their strong performance. While Google began offering these ads in 2013, both Bing and Yahoo have introduced shopping campaigns in the past year and have had similar, positive results.


We are proud to offer this feature as we have seen and know that Shopping Campaigns work for the following reasons:


  • The product is showcased in the ad which reduces steps in the sales funnel and increases the likelihood of a purchase

  • Smaller companies who lack the brand equity of major retailers have an opportunity to compete by placing their products alongside high spending retailers

  • More than one shopping ad is allowed to appear for a given search result which strengthens the brand and increases the chances for a purchase

  • Special Offer icons can be added to heighten an ad's position.

  • Shopping campaigns complement Search Marketing efforts. Running text ads alongside shopping ads increases brand dominance on search results page, leading to higher conversion rates.


The first step in making sure shopping campaigns succeed goes back to the old adage “garbage in, garbage out.” Because search engines crawl product feeds to determine what products get shown, the quality of the feed is of utmost importance. At BCM we have dedicated professionals and sound resources for optimizing feeds and making sure all requirements are met.


The second step is thoughtful organization and segmentation of the shopping campaigns. Having a carefully planned campaign structure ensures that appropriate bids will be set for all the products on a specific website.


Finally, as with any advertising program, ongoing review of the data feed and optimization of the shopping campaigns is critical. Our advertising experts maintain shopping campaigns individually, but also in coordination with search, remarketing, and display campaigns to secure the best overall performance for our clients.


Work with the data feed and campaign optimization champions at BCM to take advantage of this growing ad type. Contact us today.