Remarketing/ Retargeting

Do you have campaigns that aren't generating the revenue you expected?  Are you pausing them and testing new ones? Have you exhausted all of your options? Does the campaign bring in a large percentage of new visitors to your site? If you aren't remarketing to those visitors, then you're missing out on new customers and revenue. 


Let Bright Cloud do the work! In today's marketing world, there are many digital options available to reach customers - email, social media, and paid search to name a few. For businesses to survive in this complex environment, digital efforts must be robust, generating traffic and revenue at a good ROI. Way back in the 20th century, the key to getting in front of buyers was through direct mail and phone. Today, however, the key to reaching potential customers is held not in phone numbers and physical addresses, but in email addresses and the devices shoppers use (smart phone, tablet, or computer).


Years since remarketing made its debut as the "perfume tester" of the digital marketing world, causing aggravation among web users and doing little else, Remarketing is now an effective tool and a feature that Bright Cloud gladly offers. Using email lists, device information, and more, today's remarketing campaigns can be programmed to reach a specific audience while dynamic remarketing ads can be uniquely tailored to each viewer.


At Bright Cloud, we work with industry leaders in the remarketing field to develop remarketing strategies to reach clients' business goals. We work at all levels of the sales funnel to ensure that the right message is delivered at the right time, and to the right user. We have multiple solutions for creating static and dynamic banner ads including working with clients' creative teams and with 3rd party graphic designers.