How much would you spend to place a print ad in a magazine that targets your specific audience? What if you knew that you were really only concerned with a sub-segment of that audience? What if I told you that you didn't have to commit to paying a large up front fee and could reach only your sub-segment? What if the total cost of this ad was not based upon the millions of impressions it receives, but only on the more important clicks it gets?


Wouldn’t you choose to allocate a small amount every month to the more targeted and less expensive advertising program?


Most ecommerce companies with a heritage in catalog marketing struggle to budget for the use of display advertising as they don’t believe in branding, yet many co-sponsor events or agree to print advertising. The fact is that display advertising is an effective way to expand your brand, reach new potential customers, and generate orders, with fewer up front costs. 


Unlike the early days of display advertising, you can now design your display campaigns to reach highly targeted audiences based on search/surfing behavior as well as demographic information. You pay only for clicks and you risk only a small fraction of your ad budget, meanwhile you increase the possibility of discovering a new customer acquisition program.


Partner with Bright Cloud Marketing to create a display marketing plan with no incremental fees and minimal ad cost that will compliment your search efforts.