Comparison Shopping Engines

Why Bright Cloud Operates in Comparison Shopping Channels?


With the limitless options for where and what to purchase on the internet today, and over 90% of online shoppers investing time to researching products, it is imperative that brands have a substantial presence on shopping engine results pages.  Comparison Shopping Engines (CSEs) may account for up to 20% of site sales and are also extremely cost effective, with attractive ROI numbers rivaling that of non-brand paid search.  These sites aggregate product listings from many different retailers, allowing shoppers to compare prices, ratings and product specs.  This type of platform continues to draw motivated shoppers in increasing numbers, driving an average of nearly 80% new visitors to sites across BCM’s digital marketing sphere.


Benefits of Using Bright Cloud’s CSE Service


We’ve been working with shopping channels for over 6 years and have developed best practices, processes and bidding strategies to capitalize on these opportunities and capture motivated buyers across CSEs.  BCM helps their clients achieve a strong presence on relevant search engines through an integrated Comparison Shopping Engine solution. The BCM team works directly with CSE representatives to determine which channels will likely be the most effective given each clients product lines.


With each client, the BCM team is committed to:


  • Establishing accounts with all relevant comparison shopping engines

  • Compiling, organizing, and optimizing raw data feed

  • Formatting the feed to meet the specific data guidelines of each shopping engine

  • Analyzing results across CSEs

  • Working with CSE reps to adjust product listings ads (PLAs) to ensure the best results

  • Updating the feed regularly to ensure up-to-date product data

  • Providing comprehensive CSE Reports

  • Researching and reacting to Industry Trends

  • Implementing opportunities and methods that will maximize sales


With commitment to improving online businesses, willingness to try new things, and knowledge and insight to optimize each account, Bright Cloud’s CSE management is extensive, effective, and personalized to your offering.